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hey everyone - thought I would introduce myself...

Over the years, I have accumulated back and ligament damage over several fast on track
crashes so I was looking to get away from super sports. Street riding is super relaxed and more about socializing these days.
Getting my fix at the track.

My riding experience - stretches from 12-18 yrs old - 2strokes.
I had a long gap before I rode again at 32. (2001) I have experience in single track ( more 2 strokes),
I was planning on racing hare scrambles the year I tore my shoulder up.

I am a Pro artist for a living and was having weird issues in my drawing hand - made me rethink the off road scene.
I design custom leathers and will be doing my own vinyl for this bike. So stay tuned! :)

here's my leather designs...

back to riding...

So I went to the street in 2006, and finally track days in 2012. (total junky)
I volunteer now for a non profit. Mostly control ride and lately - instruct beginner, intermediate levels - home track is the Ridge Raceway in WA

Other bikes considered : I was heavily leaning towards a Tuono 1100, Speed Triple RS, or the 2020 1290 Super.
The bike will spend 90% of its time at the track on race dots. Not the greatest down the straight but it will be fun passing my buddies
literbikes in the corners! :)

Awaiting insurance outcome. My 10rr looks like a write off.. so I have a 2020 890R locked down with a deposit.
If all goes well - I will frequent this forum as I have been! I have a bunch of items already listed for the build.

Cheers and thanks for all the awesome help! This group is wicked fantastic!
It's great having the 790 guy's experience as well as the 890 info taking off here so fast !



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