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Kind of a nasty day out today so took some time to improve the ergos on the bike and add some crash protection.

Picked up a couple blank sheets of eazi-grip evo and made my own templates for the tank. The rubber is very gummy, which makes it a bit difficult to cut cleanly but the level of grip is awesome. Way grippier than the techspec I had on my last bike. I also like that it is clear so that you can appreciate the beautiful orange that lays underneath it.

The black grip material is actually a skateboard grip I bought online. DKL Skateboarding: Griptape that won't rip your shoes This stuff is great! Feels like techspec, but way cheaper, and with a finer tooth. Will see how it holds up...

Amazing the difference that some tank grip makes in riding. So much more control under hard braking and acceleration. I'd been using my arms a lot because my legs didn't really have anything to grip, so this has helped a lot. Would highly recommend to anyone that hasn't done it already.

Bolted on some Givi crash bars for some engine protection. They appear to be well thought out and I think they look tough 馃挭馃槄

Triboseat for the wife. Cheap and elegant solution to help keep her butt planted on the rear seat 馃崙.

Lastly, I moved the bars to their forward position. Feels more natural having more weight over the front end. It makes me think that some flatter bars would be good...







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I noticed last night that eazi-grip makes a pre cut kit for our bikes! Would save some time...

Yea I was thinking 890 bars as well. Will look into it!
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