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Rider Mode Question

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I have a question about the display screen when selecting which mode to ride in (Rain, Street, Sport, Track). So far I've only changed the setting while sitting parked in neutral. Can this be changed while you are riding the bike? :plain:

Appreciate the help!
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Yes, it can be done on the move but your throttle has to be completely closed to switch it.
I tried that the other day and it switched no problem on the fly as long as I had the throttle closed. It wouldn't switch with it opened at all....in fact, I believe it read keep throttle closed.

On top of that, I thought track mode only was opened up after 600 mi? I am able to select it and ride in that mode and I am still under 600 mi? Is the track mode different after the 600 mi?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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