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Dear Forum Members,

Riding season is about to start and we wanted to keep everybody updated and provide the latest media on REMUS products for KTM 790 Duke!

Rest assured you guys will get the best deal out there. Simply send us a PM or email to [email protected] for order inquiries or any other questions you might have!

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Quick review

Here is my take on the Remus slip-on i have had for the past season.
So, after having positive experience with Remus exhaust on my past bike (smcr690) i decided to go with Remus again for my D790.
The slip-on fits well, even with the powerparts exhaust hanger. The sound is nice and low (Growly). The style follows the D790 lines well with its short "gp" look.
Price is fine, not as crazy like acrapovic, slightly more expensive then scorpion.

-Look, both colors work well!
-Sound and sound level. Without db-killer you get low, growly sound with "pops & crackles", loud-> but never obnoxious. With db-killer (preferred)-> more "sporty/crispy, responsive" sound and you get past most of the sound regulations, both street and track (close to cities, during normal track days), under 95db at 4500rpm.

-Heat. During warmer days in heavy traffic you can feel the heat. Its not catastrophic, but definitely noticeable.

-I hope remus will develop a full exhaust system with their own custom fuel map! It worked well with the smcr690, so it would be nice to see what could be done with D790.

That is my two cents on the Remus slip-on, cheers!
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