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Following some of the other posts on the matter, I decided to pull the trigger on an eBay used Brembo RCS 19. The price was just too good to leave -- $180 including the reservoir. This is the original RCS and NOT the Corsa Corta. I believe that the install and results should not be different, though.

Arrived in 3 days and is really "as new". Couldn't have asked for more.

Reading the other posts around the forum I ordered the HEL 90 degree adpter, from here. Arrived in two days. No way to fit the current line to the Brembo without it (or replacing the line). Brembo and KTM banjo threads are both M10X1, so you should have all you need.

Work is pretty straight forward. Took a little bit of time, because I had to fabricate the reservoir bracket (from a piece of aluminum I got at Lowe's). Might spend some more $$ on a Sato or something. Not sure. My fabricated bracket cost about $1. all the brackets I saw online are $12-$30.

Some install insights:

1. Used the OEM banjo to connect the line to the adapter and the supplied short HEL banjo to connect the adapter to the M/C. Don't tighten to spec until everything is in place. Once the lever is where you want it to be, tighten, while holding the adapter and making sure it does not move. It helped making sure everything is routed properly.

2. The lever does not foul. It is close to the kill switch, though. Make sure you bleed well and get it nice and hard (need to do it anyway). If you do, there is plenty of room left. If you are touching something you probably need to bleed more.

3. With my wider bar the lines and wires are at the end of their available length. You will need to get some more slack released, if bar is even wider. For the OEM bar, there should be no problem.

4. You don't need the Brembo light switch. Just pop it off the M/C (or not install it) with a flat screwdriver and save for future use.

5. As always with brakes, take your time and don't rush. Make sure that everything is nice an tight and that there are no leaks. I use a torque wrench, but it can can also be easily done by hand (feel). Just make sure you are not stripping the threads by over tightening. It can get pretty costly, pretty quickly.

I am attaching some pics. If anyone wants me to take an additional picture showing any specific detail of the install, please let me know and I will.

I will provide riding impressions, separately.
Thanks for the detailed post, although the link for the HEL 90 adapter is not working and I have no idea what that is :) Would you mind sending me another link and maybe a picture? I decided to pull the trigger and most likely I will take the bike to a shop. Again, many thanks for the post!
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