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No question here. I've just seen lot's of tail tidy threads, and I thought this might be useful for anyone who was curious about the Powerparts option (or maybe didn't know there was one). I guess it's not quite a fender "eliminator", per se, but it's much, much smaller than the stock unit - and it completely replaces it with a new smaller tail light, and a shorter, slimmer license plate bracket.

I don't remember exactly what I paid for it - it's been a year since I bought and installed it - but I recall it being in the same ballpark as the Evotech and others. It was a mild pain in the ass to put together - I think it was made of 5 or 6 different parts that are a little clumsy to hold together for assembly - but once you do, everything is pretty clean and tidy.

Taste is personal, of course, but I liked the fact that it looks a little more OEM than some of the ones out there. And also that it keeps the turn signals, even the stockers, completely out of the path of the exhaust.

So, there you go...


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