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Hey guys,

I have a pitbull trailer restraint system, I reached out to Pitbull and asked them if the 790R pin kit works for the 890R
they didn't even know about the bike yet! I have been in contact with George and he has asked if someone could properly measure their 890R using this diagram (attached below) and get back to him. I could email him back, once we have the measurements. If you can help with this please put the measurements up here or just email me them at [email protected]

Also Michael Nelson on the "Official KTM 890 R Owners and Fanatics" facebook page had a pin issue. Went like this...

"If you are considering a Pit Bull Hybrid Dual lift stand for your 890, don't make the mistake I made. I looked at PB's selection chart, and naturally they did not have the 890 listed, but they did list the 790 Duke. I made the wrong assumption and ordered the #18 pin that is for the 790.

It is WAY too large in diameter (22.9mm) for the 13mm hole in the bottom of the steering stem on the 890. I have written to Pit Bull about it to find out what pin is correct, and perhaps they will swap it out at no charge.
I will post the correct pin number when I get the info from Pit Bull."

I mentioned it to George while I had his attention - this was his response:
"George : "Ahhh, so they did make some changes. I attached a measurement sheet for the TRS. FWIW I think that measurement the other guy is looking for is going to be the #5 pin. I haven’t seen his email yet, but I’m still digging through the weekend emails. We’ll certainly swap it out for him. These new bike fitments are just part of doing business. It’s always nice when customers help us get information like that – especially on hard to find bikes. Thanks again and have a good one!"


Anyway some 890R progress with Pitbull.

Now if someone could measure - we will be ahead of the game! :)




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A few back and forths with George, and I have shipped the #18 pin back to him, I also ordered one of those Crew Wedge things, so George said he'd just drop a #5 pin in the box.

He is really a great guy to work with.
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