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As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found it less enjoyable to ride with 20+ pounds of camera gear on my back when shooting road tests for Motorcycle.com. So, I dug out a Pelican Case that I had holding some old gear and repurposed it. The first step was to mount it to my SW-Motec seat rack.

I had to remove it from the seat mount to drill out and bolt to the case. (Side note: Don’t spray it with contact cleaner to get the tapping oil off of it after drilling. The powder coat doesn’t like it.) I planned on using washers between the bolt and the rack, but the stainless steel bolts were too short, while the next size my hardware store had was too long.

To keep the case waterproof, I used silicone sealant under the washers and around the bolts.

To protect my camera gear, I ordered replacement foam from Pelican and picked out the squares until the openings were the correct size. My camera and lenses are tucked snugly inside the case, and there’s still room for some accessories later.

Yeah, it’s pretty ugly on the back of my bike, and my coworkers are teasing me. Still, with a turn of the ignition key and 30 seconds, I can have the passenger seat off and the solo seat back on for fun rides. As soon as UPS delivers it, I’ll put heat reflective tape on the back corner of the case above the exhaust outlet.

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function over form! Love it!

P.S. If you ever find yourself up in the Pacific Northwest, look me up and I can show you some epic rides!
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