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Fun and games tonight.

Was chatting with the boys about whether to swap to my Bridgestone S20 evo's now or after our Wales trip. Despite me not exactly agreeing, they said the Maxxis it came with are rubbish so as Mrs Weeksy is going to Reading tomorrow where my tyre guy is situated.

So the wheels came out.... Well, i say they came out... That's where the fun and games come into it.

Rear was done in less than 2 minutes, quick, simple and easy.

The front though, i whipped off the calipers, undid the axle pinch bolts, went to undo the spindle nut... Oh... it's a 12mm allen key... Not an issue i have one of them of course.

Hmmm. It's in the trackday spares box... Which is in the garage loft space.... which i can't access as the KTM is in the way of where the ladder goes.. So i'm clambering up on the workbench and get it. Easy... done.

But the spindle doesn't come out.... I check the pinch bolts...

It then dawned on me that the paddock stand that fits through the holes in the bottom of the forks was stopping the axle coming out.

2019-06-07_07-31-07 by Steve Weeks, on Flickr

I did recently give away one of the ones that fits under the caliper arms and on fork legs, i didn't need it any more LOL.

So what's the plan now... OK, use the ABBA stand...

Oh, that's in the loft space too, but further away to stretch... GRRRRR.

Get it down... OK, how the sodding **** does this go together... Put the front lift arms in the wrong sequence so it didn't actually lift... GRRRR again.

Anyway, get it done, fitted correctly and both wheels are out and ready to be shipped to the tyre guy tomorrow.

2019-06-07_07-31-22 by Steve Weeks, on Flickr

2019-06-07_07-31-32 by Steve Weeks, on Flickr

2019-06-07_07-31-40 by Steve Weeks, on Flickr

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My rear paddock stand has seen better days so trying to decide between an ABBA or new front and rear traditional stands.
With abba you need different kits at 拢20. But paddock stands are often different for different bikes too depends on fork setup etc. What works on our zx6 doesn't on the 690 or 790 etc.

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I dont even bother with other stands these days, ABBA stands are brilliant. The first thing I did after getting the 790 home (well after dribbling all over it) was to order the adapters and lifter bobbin for my ABBA and I had the bike off the floor for a good look over after they came.
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