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Won't bore present owners with the superlatives. You already know about them. For those that don't own, read this review. Rennie's opinion is spot on and he articulates it better than I ever could.

2020 KTM 890 Duke R Review - Cycle News

I can add opinions to the above review though about the sport touring capabilities of the 890. I and my wife (2014 SDR) just returned from a 1500 mile road trip riding in California's Central Coast area. I set up the 890 for touring and it makes an excellent mount for that purpose. KTM's side bag set have plenty of volume and I can attest that the right side innards do not get hot. That heat shield works! The KTM top case holds plenty and the lock mechanism is easy to operate. Replaced the seat cowl for the trip with the pillion seat to accommodate my strapped down duffle. I added some Knight Design Lowered Footpegs to give my geezer knees a break. 30mm block risers under the bars does the same for my shoulders. Heated grips (Koso Apollo) kept my hands comfortable along a very cool Highway 1. The MRA windshield helped reduce fatigue, especially on the 100+ MPH blast across California Valley on the Carrizo Plain while riding Highway 58. Cruise control helped with the short freeway sections that we needed to ride to get to the good stuff. The OEM seat leaves something to be desired though. The KTM Ergo high seat is on backorder and hopefully that will address the only ergonomic issue I have. If not, there are other options. Yes, the luggage and shield additions probably negatively affect aesthetics for most. I can confirm though, that they don't affect performance, at least at relative sane public road speeds.

No leaks, no issues. Just an unbelievably competent all around motorcycle. Can be as docile as a scooter or as vicious as a superbike. You decide. This question from my wife on her 160+ HP SDR, who was a bit doubtful initially about my getting a weedy 890 is illuminating. After making several illegal passes on the short straights on Highway 1, asked me over dinner, "How much power does that bike have? You opened up on me on every pass and I would have needed a long straight to reel you in. 'nuff said.
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