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That’s a very good point, even on the V Strom is end up sitting around 100 with not much thought. I also felt a bit detached from the riding experience, sitting behind a massive screen. I don’t need the capability of the bigger adv style bike I just like how they do it all well.
My minds pretty much made up, I just need to find a decent used one to lessen the blow if I change my mind and sell it again
Well I’ve just replaced my, problem free but just too bloody fast for road use, 1290 SDR (2017) with a 600 mile old 790 Duke.
Absolutely no regrets. I know I’ve only had it for 10 days but the buzz of riding a bike you can redline on the road is way better in my opinion of a pub bragging monster BHP figure bike wins for me.
It’s unbelievably light, suspension seems fine, engine is a peach and buying used for £7K I feel I’ve made the right choice.
First photo upload. Don’t know why it’s rotated 90degrees:sad:


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