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So, last year I bought a 1290 SDR and sold it after 4 months due to issues with the keyless. I ride most days commuting so It has to be reliable.
After a fling with a 2017 V Strom 1000 I had the bug again and started to look at the 1290 Super Adventure now the dealer assured me the keyless issues have been sorted.
It was then I saw the 790 Duke and thought with a screen it could deal with the commute, what are your thoughts on this for those that already own the 790?
Would save me a wedge but would I get bored easily?
Bored... Hmmm. Can't see why... Depends what you want from a bike, if you want instant insane grunt, then maybe you will.... but the 790 is great fun and light weight, so IMO it's as good for the job as anything out there.

One of the main pluses for me is also one of the downsides, the electronics, but not in the way you'll expect. It removes some of the rider interaction, it takes it to a rev and go having the auto-blipper and the QS, you need to think less.... But that's also a massive compliment to it, it makes it really easy to ride as well.

Nakeds are never as 'nice' as faired versions... but that's not a bad thing as they keep you semi sensible. If i jump on a sports bike i'm seeing 3 figures ALL the time... If i jump on a naked, i'm seeing 3 figures rarely.... Mr Police man thinks that's good :)
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