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Finally the 790 is mine!

Running in period soon done, need service next week, looking much forward to seeing the last couple of revs on the tacho.

Have mounted some bar end mirrors, otherwise original.

Will report as modifications come :)
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Hi Tomkrn, welcome to the forum and congrats on the duke, how do you find it compared the to the 990?
Well, the 990 I had was severely modified with Rottweiler Air filter and SAS delete, removed secondary flies, decat and ECU tuning, so it was a lot stronger and a lot noisier :smile_big:

The SMT had a more upright sitting position and a brilliant Palmer Productions wind screen.

I think the biggest difference lies in the mid range of the engine, the pull of that 990 was prodigious and the 790 seems to more prefer the high revs.

The slightly more racy sitting position and the flickability of the 790 fits me better though as I am not the person to have the longest rides, 150-200 kilometers is fine for me and fine for the 790.

If you could combine the power of the 990 and the smoothness of the 790 you would have a winner though.
the 1290 gives you the power and its smoother than the 990 but the 790 is great fun, the lower seat and light weight make it super easy to ride

you can also ride to the edge a lot easier and safer than on a 1290
Yeah, I know, but the 1290 will kill you so much quicker than the 790 :grin:

A lot of fun to be able to twist the throttle a bit more than quarter way without being thrown off the bike, hehe
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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