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Northern Cali rider

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Greetings from North Cali! Picked up my Duke the end of January and am loving it! Just as a sharp knife is safer then a dull one, the speed and maneuverability of this bike inspires great confidence on the road. Now if I can just convince my insurance company of that馃槈.
Extra bonus for a guy who鈥檚 been riding for over 50 years is how easy it is to push this bike around.
Looking forward to many happy miles on this great new ride!
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Hello and welcome!
How did you find the electronic assistants? It is quite advanced and can be adjusted well based on the confidence level:).
Congrats on getting your Duke.
What bikes have you owned in the past and what mods/accessories are you planning to get here? Always curious to know what fellow owners are up to for greater perspective on whats going on!

Welcome to the forum Blue. How many miles have you managed to put on the bike in the past month or so? Is this your first KTM or have you owned another one of their products before?
The electronic enhancments to the bike are easy to navigate and do increase rider confidence. Drop the bike into a corner and gas it, the system will not let you overdo it.
Of the 15 bikes I have owned, this is my third KTM. The others were a 99 Adventure and 2004 LC4. The others were mostly iterations of the BMW GS, Japanese sport bikes, and 3 or 4 dirt bikes.
So far I have added the Puig Windshield, comfort high seat, and KTM back rack. On the back rack I mounted a Touratech topcase I already had. For luggage I will git a set of Mosko Reckless 40 Liter system, but I don't think I'll tour this bike much.
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