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No.Co NLP14 and Genius5 Charger

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I am cheating a little... Hope you'll forgive me. The NLP14 is for my 1290 Super Adventure and not the Duke. The Duke's battery is still OK (3 years) and is a smaller one (NLP9 from No.Co).

After a short on/off relationship with my Yuasa YTZ14-S, I decided to replace it. It's a quality battery and costs ~$150+. I was intrigued by some of the Lithium alternatives out there, but never pulled the trigger (before), due to the high price. After seeing some posts about the No.Co on the forum, I decided to give it a try.

So, I ended up ordering the NLP14, which is the same form factor as the Yuasa (more on this later) and offers enough juice to start the beast, with it's additional flood lighting setup... I also ordered the Genius5 charger, as I don't have any charger that is suitable for Lithium technology. I went with the 5, which is a good balance between power and cost. It offers fast charging times and can be used on cars as well (not for fast charging, necessarily, but powerful enough. I have a larger automotive charger as well).

The battery itself runs $129.95 and the charger an additional $69.95 on Amazon (I paid $5 less yesterday. Lucky me). You can get them for the same price on the No.Co website and can always find coupons that are worth some big %. Make sure you check. I went with Amazon because they offered next day delivery and I wanted to get this done over the weekend.

So the stuff arrived yesterday, and I went to work. The first thing you experience is that both battery and charger are packaged very well, more like an iPhone than like a powersport battery and charger. They also come in an additional, external, branded cardboard box, which I am not showing here. Impressive!

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I am not a Li battery expert but aren't a (good) BMS and a MOSFET regulator what is needed to ensure a trouble-free operation in most conditions ?
I am not a Li battery expert but aren't a (good) BMS and a MOSFET regulator what is needed to ensure a trouble-free operation in most conditions ?
The battery BMS - must have over and under charge protection.
A proper Li reg in general will ramp up slowly to max voltage and then actually back off a bit.
And needs to be a series type really - or the stator will be burned out faster as most Li batteries will recharge fast.
The Li reg I have on the Guzzi ramps up slowly for the first 30mins than after an hour at full blast drops a bit. I changed to a modern stator as well - clearly.
I don't know if the KTM has a SHUNT or SERIES reg. I know the big Triumph is a shunt type. Usually are as they're WAY cheaper.
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Interesting, thanks !
The regulators on the Duke 690 ... 1290 are high-quality Shindengen FH022AA. An upgrade would then be a series SH847 (or SH775).
An upgrade would then be a series SH847 (or SH775).
If you know anywhere in the EU that has them - pls advise. I was planning to do this Mod to the Triumph.
I'd want to do it to the KTM before going LiFePO4.
Your nearest Suzuki dealer I guess (standard on V-Strom 1000 I think) ...
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