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Hi all,

THanks for having me! :)

A quick intro: I'm Merijn, 39 years of age and owning a 2018 790 Duke.

My previous bike was also a KTM and, as much as I loved the bike's looks and raw power, I couldn't be happier to have traded it at the beginning of this year. I've ridden my KTM Super Duke R 990 for 4,5 years and it has never been a happy marriage. Every time I caught a glimpse of the bike it brought a smile to my face, but riding it was a completely different story. It's got a big on-off switch on the right of the handle bars, if it's not pushed around it gets grumpy... Which can be nice, but not all the time. :) But man, was she gorgeous!

Now I own a 2018 790 Duke in black. Which is actually quite a surpise, cause a KTM was not on my wish list after the SDR. But last summer the SDR let me down, just days before I was going to its home country for a week with some friends. The waterpump started leaking and I couldn't get t fixed in time. So I decided to chase my friends by car and try to rent something there. And then I stumbled upon a dealership which had a brand new 790 Duke available for rent, so I decided to give it a try. And from that moment there was no turning back! :)

Nothing much has been altered, just a tail tidy, a pillion cover and the ergo seat (not shown in this pic). I've just bought protection pads for the tank, because the plastic scratches annoyingly fast. :( And I've decided on new rim stickers, with some more orange details, cause I think the black and gray are a bit dull. It needs some minor details.

I took it for a vacation to the south of France 2 weeks ago and I just love this bike so much! It's a joy to throw it around the corners, as it feels so light. With a new set of Bridgestone S22's it's even better than it already was with the Maxxis tires. I simply love this machine! And, sursprisingly, in the twisties I can easily keep up with the big boys and I think I can even be faster, without pushing it too far / dangerously. It's just a real joy to ride!

I'm not planning to make major changes to the bike. As mentioned some new rim stickers, maybe some orange details, raise the seat a bit (I think it's a bit lower than standard now), but that's about it.

I hope to talk to you soon on this forum!
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