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Never thought I’d enjoy a scalpel between my legs this much

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Hi everyone,

Picked up my 790 last month and loving it so far. Sold my Street Triple R which was an incredible motorcycle, but I had ridden it for 2 years and felt it was time for a change.

Test rode a lot of bikes from the MT09SP to the new Street Triple RS and even some more unusual bikes like the Zero DS which is incredible btw, but nothing put a bigger smile on my face than the 790.

Here she is fresh off the boat

Waiting on some parts, tail tidy, akra exhaust (although I’m thinking I should have got the remus now, oh well) mirrors and some heated grips for winter. Approaching 400 miles so will get the parts fitted on the first service and get that rev limit lifted :grin:

Nice to meet you all, and look forward to hearing more about everyone’s experiences.

Owl :nerd:
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Congrats on getting your very own orange demon :D

Welcome to the forum!
Your post header made my eyes water little haha

Welcome to the mad house ;)
my cats got first hand experience, but he still sits on my 790
one bitten twice shy :)
Fantastic click bait title, well done lol. I've also been having a look at some Zero bikes. Its really impressive what they have been able to deliver, especially with the SR.
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