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I just rode her home last night, she was great!

got home and of course went over her with a fine tooth comb and have some questions:

1. coolant level, does the bike come from the factory with coolant in it or does the dealer put it in out of the crate? I think my coolant level is a little low, it's really hard to read the overflow reservoir gauge, if I need to top up, what coolant does it come stock with?

2. I weigh about 145 lbs soaking wet and I'm trying to back the rear spring pre-load a bit, but the manual only says there's 10 different positions and standard is 5 clicks... which direction loosens the spring? that's what I want right if I want to make it softer?

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Welcome hombre!

Most all mfgrs send their motos to dlrs, in crates, with oil, coolant, but no gas. I worked 5 summers in moto dlrshps. Basically, it’s usually mainly installing a few simple items to ready it for the showroom floor.
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