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It's Official!!! - Kind of...

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I went to my local KTM dealer this morning (MPCKTM) to see about purchasing a new Duke. They didn't have any, but said they could get me one fairly quickly. I got a call back when I got to work and they said they could get me a black one right now. I wanted orange simply because this would be my first KTM and orange identifies the brand in my simple mind. He will get back to me as soon as he can secure one.

In the meantime I already purchased and have in the garage waiting the Wings slip-on with Coober ECU and modified air box lid. I also have a new Pit Bull rear stand for chain maintenance, and will be getting an Evotech Tail Tidy soon. Still contemplating mirrors and trying to decide which rim decals I like best. Kind of the cart before the horse but I'm having fun!
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Congrats :) I think the colour choice is tricky one... i went black because i didn't want the orange, then for a few weeks i had an orange one in the garage too and now am tempted to change to orange ! :)
Wow, got a call today from my dealer and they already secured a new orange 790. Said they should have it next week. Gave them the deposit over the phone so I guess I'm one step closer. First KTM, but like what I'm seeing. Excited...
Kind of the cart before the horse but I'm having fun!
I did the exact same thing! Had the tail tidy shipped from the UK, and ordered various other bits and pieces, then took delivery of my bike. And you're right, it is a ton of fun! Welcome to the addiction.
My bike arrived at my dealer and now it's raining. Will try to get first thing tomorrow morning or will have to wait till late next week. Tail Tidy arrived so now all that's missing is the bike. The cool thing is I've had motorcycles my whole life but every time I get a new one I'm excited!
Drove to the dealer just as the rain was letting up excited to pick up my new steed. It was running when I got there. Looked and sounded great. Went in to do the paperwork and an error code came up on the bike. They had to hook it up to some computer thing for updates and whatever to clear the error code. The music in the building quit playing, then the store owner came over and told me about the problem and that their internet just went down so they can't fix it till it comes back on. I was already late to work so told them I would come back later in the week. Really like the dealership and the guy I'm working with is a straight shooter who only wants to help but can't do anything about the current issue.

Like Arnold said, "I'll be back."
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