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I followed State Road 2 south from Rockford Il. down to dixon and back up to where 2 meets 72. Took 72 back towards home in Huntly Il.
2 follows the Rock River South through small towns that maintain a turn of the last century isolation due to the river never being managed for comercial shipping. It is also an Illinois senic route.
Before you snicker let me say that this is not the Illinois of Interstate 55. Oh no. This is the southern tail of the mysterious and secret, Driftless Region. If you have ever read any of Peter Egan's work from Cycle World you will know what I'm talking about. It is pretty hilly but not as extreme as the Northern portion of the Driftless. The road winds along in and out of Castle Rock and Lowden State Park, that features a giant American Indian statue over looking the river.
The day was mild and the wide sweeping turns met with twisties between rock cuts served the bike well.
If you ever get up this way, try 2 and head North of Rocford and stay between interstae 90 and the Mississippi and you will have a blast!
But it'll be our little secret.
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