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Hot pipe

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Does anyone has experienced this? I mention that my 790 duke has only 2500 km and it was started in idle for 3 - 4 minutes. Sorry for my bad english.


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What are the outside temperatures like when you're seeing this? Its not uncommon on colder days. This is just after sitting idle?
Same here. I noticed some time ago. Should dissapear after few sec when you start moving and air starts blowing on the pipe. I think the pipe is made from really thin steel and it gets hot very quickly but as soon as you start riding the red glow should dissapear. Try it and see. Also I went to my dealer and asked them about it and they said its normal. I can only see it when its dark outside. But it would be nice to hear more opinions about this.
in modern lean burn engines this is very common

if it bothers you, you can get the pipe coated ceramic coated
Its normal. Just due to the thickness of the pipes and the fact that there is so much ethanol now in gasoline. Could also buy some thermo-tec exhaust wraps if you'd prefer not to see it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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