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hold tight!

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Wotcha. Resisted as long as possible but finally succumbed last weekend and put down the deposit on a black 790, I’m a longtime ktm rider, [previous bikes are 2007 690 sm prestige, 2016 690 smc-r supermoto, 2014 690 duke and still currently own a 2015 rc390 trackday bike so the 790 will be my fifth ktm] I’ve owned, ridden, built and raced more bikes than I can remember, jappers, bmw boxer twins, triumphs, a lot of ducati’s, mz’s And even the odd harley but I’m really revved about getting to grips with the new 790.
I guess you could say I’ve been around the block a few times, as I stumble into my sixth decade I really should know better but there’s something about this bike that has caught my imagination, I was really happy with my extensively modded 690 Duke but the thought of 35 bhp more for the paltry 12 kilo weight gain finally persuaded me to go for it
Yes, I’ve had problems with my ktm’s In the past, overheating, oil leaks, speedo’s going blank, crap, cheapo fasteners that rust at the threat of rain, blah, blah, blah, but, I’ve always come back to them, there’s nothing like them on a fast, bumpy b-road that would tie your japper sport bike in knots and let’s face it you can have fun at more sensible speeds although saying that, I’ve had the sneers when queuing up for noise testing on the little rc390 only to hold my own and even embarrass bigger bikes in the inter’s group on trackdays and let’s face it, if you wanted something safe and reliable you can always go and buy a honda!
Got a few ideas about modifying my 790 that I would like to share, hold tight, no one ever said it was going to be easy...........
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I was trying to hold out for an R model, it didn’t last long. Welcome aboard
Thanks mucker, already looked at the possibility of 690 ‘r’ forks, m50 calipers, galfer 320 discs, nitron or k-tech shock, sad isn’t it, haven’t even picked the new bike up yet! [not sussed how to post photo’s yet, any help greatfully received for a computer luddite!
The only thing I’d really like to change coming off a street triple r is the brakes. They’re far from terrible but I’d definitely prefer a bit more bite/response.

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So far I’ve added the Akra, bar end mirrors, heated grips (for winter) and gaily tidy. Would like to get the comfort seat, rear cowl and some m50’s
Just received a parcel of evotech goodies, front and rear axle sliders, paddock stand bobbins, tail tidy and exhaust bracket, used evotech stuff on a lot of bikes, not the cheapest but great quality and fit. Are you using the powerparts bar-end mirrors? I’ve used Oberon products in the past with good results, perhaps not the most stylish items but I can swear by the 75mm ‘streetfighter’ bar-end mirrors, a quality product, billet aluminium and clear rearward vision with no vibration. Not sure on spunking £750 on the Akra slip-on, had them on the duke and the Smcr-r and they are a lovely thing but thinking you can get the same gains, [1.5 kilo weight drop and no significant power gain] with a cheaper branded can. I’m thinking more stealth-like for this bike, don’t get me wrong, I love a fruity pipe as much as anyone else but I don’t want to attract any unnecessary attention off plod, think under the radar!
Oem bar ends, they fit the bill but are pricey. As for the akra I didn’t realise the euro4 bullshit meant the baffle was no longer removable, so I’m looking at either drilling it out or getting another pipe. The Remus looks pretty decent value but kind of waiting to see what else is released.
Yeah I know, simple job to drill out the retaining screw on the Akra, did it on the 690 Duke and the Smcr-r, remove rubber bung in pipe and hit it with a 6.5mm has bit, deep joy.....
That should read hss bit, high speed steel, doh!
Awesome, you uk based too?
Yes mate, i’m In Derbyshire, just on the edge of the Peak District so some great roads, easy access to Staffordshire moorlands too so should be good for the 790.
hi loveless
surely your 790 loves you :)
Hello mate, oh yes, can’t wait to give it a good tonking!
Hi mate Welcome!Get over your way quite a bit some great roads especially when you get off the beaten track onto the backroads.Over in sunny! Huddersfield myself and also a great KTM fan and so is our lass.Agree with you about Evotech,quality stuff.Got rad guard and exhaust hanger on my 790.Great man cave by the way:)Dont know if you have your baby yet but enjoy!Might see you about in the Peak district.
Ride Safe:)
Ey up mucker, thanks for that, my Mrs reckons I spend more time in the shed than in the house and I certainly decorate it more regularly! Not picked the bike up yet, the dealer didn’t have a black one in stock so i’ve got a week or so to wait yet, hopefully the weather will hold out, don’t mind riding in the cold and wet but there’s no way I’m riding it when the council gritters been out! Yeah, the roads are pretty good and like you say getting off the beaten track can reveal some real hidden gems, the roads around you aren’t too shabby either! Had a mate who lived in Penistone and we used to have some really good rides up there, thanks again mate and we should meet up for a brew sometime and compare notes!
Yeah, I know, I know! Every time I’ve been there I’ve seen people taking selfies with the signpost, [including me, childish I know.......]
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