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Nice to join up with fellow Duke 790 enthusiasts, I'm UK based and I've had mine, an orange one, about 5 weeks. I'm enjoying it very much and I'm looking forward to finding more about aftermarket parts and to helping out others with things I have learnt about the bike.
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Hey there,

Welcome to the forum! It's a little quite around here ATM, but I'm looking forward to more 790 owners dropping by as the bike becomes more available.

Aftermarket parts are available at a few website mentioned below. I'm based in South Australia where PowerParts for the 790 are hard to get ATM. I ended up importing PowerParts from Germany and am still waiting on a Tail Tidy, Radiator Protector and Exhaust Bracket to remove the Pillion Footpegs from R&G Racing.

Aftermarket 790 Parts I've found so far:

Powerbronze Australia - Search Product

I imported the KTM PowerParts from the dealer at link below, as they were one of the few KTM dealers that had stock available. Freight was very affordable for International Postage.


FYI I posted some before and after pics with PowerParts at the link below.

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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new 790! Is this your first bike from KTM or do you have experience with the brand already?
Nice, what part of the UK are you from? I’m South West
I'm SW too, Bridgwater, Som.
This is my third KTM, previously 2014 Duke 390 and 2001 Duke 640.
I've just ordered a radiator guard from R & G and have Powerparts screen, lowering kit and panniers on order, I may regret the last as Givi and Kriega gear looks attractive. Incidentally the Givi tank bag fittings for the 390 can be used for the 790, they just need reversing as the filler opens in the opposite direction.
Hey ive so far spent over £1000 on mods. Most expensive part was the Remus can, then the evotech tail tidy and evotech radiator guard
Welcome to the forum!
I'm just outside Langport
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