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Hi from down under in Melbourne

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Hi, recently purchased my orange 790, bike number 40, joins my KTM 1050 in the garage.

Unfortunately its winter at the moment and its been a bit hard to get out there and ride when its wet, windy and about 8C but I've finally got it run in and now the 1st service is completed I can give it some revs.

I'm 6'1" and surprisingly I find the bike to be quite comfortable, although with a long body I do find the bars to be just a wee bit low so might try fitting some bar risers, probably 20mm if I can get enough room with the cables.

It's still early days with the bike but the only complaint I have so far is the tyres, to me they just don't seem to have any "feel" but that is OK, just about every bike I've owned has improved after replacing the original OEM tyres.

Anyway, looking forward to doing some kms on this bike, should be fun times ahead :grin:
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for sport touring tyres I found them ok just do not last you will be lucky to get 3000miles from rear
ridden in 5-30deg c and heavy rain
Is number 40 historical or current ownership?

... or both :grin:
Is number 40 historical or current ownership?

... or both :grin:

I've had 40 bikes since I started riding but only 2 KTM's.

Started of with small commuter bikes, then switched to dirt bikes, then came my sport bike phase, next my big tourer stage then came adventure bikes (15 years before it was fashionable) and now switching from adventure bikes to light bikes like the 790.

Thinking of trading my 1050 on a SDGT with panniers for fast touring, although I do like my 1050 - its just so high
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