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Herman from Holland.

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Hello everbody,

ordered yesterday a 790 Duke, black.
Delivery date, August 8th.

Can't wait.
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Welcome aboard HDG, is this your first KTM?
Another owner of a brilliant bike - welcome 👍
Yes, my first KTM.
My current bike is a 2015 BMW S1000R.
Welcome to the forum! I'm sure next week cant come soon enough. You plan on holding onto that 1000?
Congrats on getting a 790.
What other bikes were you looking into before deciding to get the 790? Can't help but notice how many bikes in this CC range are coming to market these days!
To LC8, no I sold it to the shop where I bought the KTM.

To KTMfan, I had 2 small accidents on my last holliday in the Alps (Italy), there was that much damage that it was financially attractive to buy another one. The S1000R is a great bike but is a big overkill for the busy Dutch roads. So I wanted something smaller, choice was between a Street Triple RS or the KTM. I like the looks better of the KTM., and there are allready a lot of Street Triples so I wanted something different.
Hi HDG. I too just sold a S1000R and bought a 790.

Wanted a smaller fun bike that was less powerful. S1000R was an extremely capable and powerful machine but I just couldn’t do it justice on roads I ride. Little bit sanitised too.

My first KTM also. I rode other similar category bikes b4 making decision. The Duke was my favourite by far. Bought it even though it meant a 250 mile round trip to dealer. All other bikes I tested were available locally. The Street Triple was my least fav. Well made but I don’t like how it looks and it was just really boring.

Plus orange is my fav colour.
well I prefer the 790 to my speed triple and 1290
I would go as far as saying the best standard mid sized bike
added 20mm extra comfort seat I can now do 6 hours ride outs and walk smoothly to the gents :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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