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Hello from Wiltshire

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Hi All,

New owner of a 2018 790 Duke here. Bought an 18 plate from Premier Bikes a couple of weeks ago. I've only done a few hundred miles so far, but loving it :smile:
I've done the tail tidy, lost the rear pegs and am just waiting on an Arrow pipe and a rear cowl to arrive. Its got some new M7s on it which feel goos 9or as good as you can tell on Wiltshire roads in muck spreading season! ) I will hopefully get it on track next month to get properly acquainted :smile:

It replaces a Tiger 800 which has 52k miles on it from commuting up and down the M4 for the last couple of years. I don't have much of a commute at the moment so thought it a good opportunity to get something more entertaining at least until the end of the year. :grin:

Looking forward to joining in the fun.


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Welcome in squire :)

Finally converted you to the orange :)
Welcome in squire :)

Finally converted you to the orange :)
Thanks for the directions :smile:
Welcome JohnB and congrats on the new 790. Does this mark your first bike from KTM? Seeing a lot of converts coming from other brands.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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