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Hello All

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Greetings from the middle of flyover country.

I learned to ride on my grandfather's Honda XL250 on family vacations to the mountains. Had a few ATVs growing up (utility ones, nothing cool though I desperately wanted them to be). My best friend in college had a Rebel 250 I took my test on, and off we went:

1993 Yamaha Seca II
1994 Honda CBR600F2
1995 Honda CBR600F3
1996 Honda CBR900RR (bought as a new leftover in 1999!)
2001 Honda RC51
2003 Suzuki SV650S
2011 GSXR750 (current)

Did Jason Pridmore's STAR School on the 900RR in 2002 and ended up taking the RC51 racing for a few rounds with CRA and CCS in 2003. Bought the SV650 and did the entire 2004 CCS Great Plains/Midwest region and broke my back at the last round. Put the SV back to street and kept all the track stuff with the idea I'd go back someday. Rode on the street some but not a whole lot, then went through some major health issues (cancer sucks!) in 2014. After that recovery I went out and bought the GSXR which was a few years old but only had 1900 miles on it. The thought was I'd convert the SV back to track and have the 750 as a street bike. That is, until I rode the 750 and decided I really needed to take it to the track. Sold the SV, bought a bunch of parts, and went back to the track in 2015 for the first time in 11 years.

Haven't converted the 750 back from track for a few years and would like to pick something else up for the road. The 790 is definitely speaking to me, so that's why I'm here. :nerd:


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**** man! You had a run!! Glad you are doing well and back in the game.

Coming off an R1 for the better part of 2 decades, the 790 is... simply put....AWESOME. Sold the R1 for the 790 cause I wanted more of a commuter that could still tear up the twisties and the track, and it sure does. I have only had it a month, but quickly realized how nimble and light it is, not to mention the power it has and is completely dialed in. If you have a chance, take it for a test ride. I didn't get a chance to and bought it based on all the reviews and my brother's review after he test rode it for me. Not the least bit disappointed in my decision. Tons of great advice and point of views on here, but in the end, if you have the means, pick one up!
Great to have a fellow Ex-Racer here. I begin racing a modded RC-51 in SuperTwins at Loudon, NH back then, (CCS). Ended up switching to a CBR600 to get more racing experience.

The KTM is really a special bike, Hope you get one, and enjoy the season!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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