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Hello there my fellow Dukers

Great to see a thriving 790 forum.

I’m an owner of 2020 790. Got about 3.5K already, really enjoying ownership of the bike.

I have already got pretty much all the mods
from new when purchasing such as:

Tail tidy
Pillion seat cover
Fly catcher
Rear pillion peg deleting bracket
Wheel stickers (came with the bike(but have come round to them))
Tank protectors

Got through the standard Maxxis tyres pretty quickly, didn’t have any issues with them being a fairly tame fair weather weekend rider. But after 2K and squared rear tyre I changed them to Bridgestone Battlax T31 front and rear. Has been a great tyre so far for my fair weather jollies.

Interested in your opinions on clip ons, upgrading the rear set and also upgrades for brake pads.


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Gidday from NZ!
I had T31's after taking the Maxxis off. Good tyre but have found the Road 5's to be even better for my particular needs. A review of the T31's here: New tyres - again! . I have EBC HH pads which are much better than standard. I've had them on my previous 3 bikes so have built up quite a bite of experience with them. Enjoy the website - some really good people on it who share their experiences.
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