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Greetings from Switzerland

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Bit late to the party here; I've had my 790 since for about 10 months and about 5000k- not that it has been ridden much in the last 4.

I have few other bikes- but this is my "go to" mountain tool.. The Multistrada is used to go places and the 690 Duke to hoon around on short trips.

My 790 has been good from the start. It's one of the few bikes I just got on a rode out of the box without feeling any real need to farkel it. Maybe I'm just getting old.

The rear maxis is now dead and have some Michelin Power RS's ready to go on. But, to be honest I would rather have some good skiing for a month before I exercise the new rubber.

I see a few familiar handles form the 690 form- so hopefully I can fit in.

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Welcome to the forum windchaser.

I bet the Duke goes great around the mountain roads and tight valleys of Switzerland.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Power RS, Im undecided on whether to fit those or the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II.

To be fair i will probably have fitted my choice before you get around to fitting yours.

Happy riding (and skiing)
Welcome to the community, always glad to have a new member on the forum.
Take your time with those Michelin Power RS, apparently it takes some patience to get through the break in period, more than other tires you may be used to.
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