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My 2019 790 Duke was purchased new in late March (2020). I went with a 2019 due to the preferred color scheme (black with black wheels) and great discount. So much so that I knew I had the money left over for a suspension upgrade. The initial break-in service was completed at the beginning of May.

Then with about 800 miles on the bike total, a full set of WP Apex Pro Suspension was installed. In the short time that I had with the stock suspension it was harsh and did not react well to ANY change in road surface.

Honestly, I really can't give the stock suspension a "fair" assessement as I only had it on for a short time and always knew I was going to upgrade it. So it was doomed from the start. :)

I went with the-

6500 Cartridges- standard springs (front)
6746 Shock w/ hydraulic pre-load adjuster- standard spring (rear)
I am 51, average rider, @ 5'9", @ 170 lbs, w/ a 32 in inseem

I chose WP due to their close relationship with KTM as well as the fact I have a full WP suspension shop just five (5) minutes from my home. Their shop does many different brands of suspension (mostly off-road), and was more then qualified for the job. My thanks to AEO Powersports (Peoria, AZ) for the excellent experience, I highly recommend them. (My personal experience, no personal tie or compensation was given.)

I picked up the bike on 5/8 and will start commuting with it almost daily starting tomorrow (5/13). I can't wait to see how she does!

I can already tell I am going to love it though, as the first pothole I came across I subconciously prepared for the big hit but it never came, it just soaked it up!

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I want to do this

But I think it's only because I'm bored. I'm off the motorcycle and bicycle for several weeks while my wife heals a broken hip. Can't take any risk of us both being down with injuries at the same time.
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