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from Germany, south

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Hi everyone,

I'm in Ulm area. I'm picking up my 790 this weekend. It's my first naked/sporty bike. Before I rode mostly adv bikes. Let's hope the weather is good :)


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Welcome aboard Michal. What lead you to the 790 over another adv bike? Were any of your previous models KTMs?
Thanks for greeting everyone.
@LC8 Sorry for replying so late.

I moved to Germany and found out literally everywhere around here it's forbidden for motorbikes to go off asphalt. Even the roads between fields where tractors and sometimes cars go, motorcycles are not allowed. And if I go into forest, I could get in real trouble - I'm not even allowed to go there on fully-electric bike there, sometimes even any bicycle (wth). Showing up on motorcycle makes locals and farmers go nuts. Closest place to do any form of adventure riding without getting arrested if caught is Italy or Poland. So adventure bikes here are really only a for touring, which is not my idea of fun.
We have some very cool twisty roads around here tho. So light naked bike is perfect. Plus it's easier to get through traffic on 790 than 1200gs :)

I never owned KTM before. KTM dealer laughed when I came in to buy the bike and he found out I work for BMW, yet I prefer to get KTM. I don't mean to say anything bad about BMW bikes. They are truly great. Just not in my case right now. Closest BMW to my needs is a Scrambler (cool naked) or 1000XR (for tall guys, but I don't like that it has fairings), and both would cost ~17k, while 790 fits my needs very well, and is just 10k. Employee discount would decrease that gap a bit, but not enough imho.
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I like Germany lots, especially the roads around Cochem. I'm a bit gutted to be not going this year with the boys :(
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