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I took my 790 with me and the family on a vacation in the Ozarks. Lots of really beautiful, twisty roads that are a blast to ride. Have to dodge the Harley guys locking up their brakes going through the curves, but otherwise some really great fun. What I discovered however, after several days of runs, is a real tendency to push my right heel into my exhaust. I melted a good 1/8” of the heel of my Alpinestar boot. I haven’t had the issue during casual rides, but when I got up on the balls of my feet and started getting aggressive, I realized the issue.

I’ve got an aftermarket carbon slip on, and I’ve got a size 12 boot, which I’m sure isn’t helping anything. The midpipe has a carbon fiber heel guard, but I’m contacting below the guard when I lean in aggressively to the right.

Anyone have an elegant solution other than wrapping that section of pipe with a fiberglass tape? I supposed I could get some carbon fiber pre-preg and form my own extended guard, but making a mold and forming it isn’t exactly a simple process, though I suppose it’s better than ugly tape.


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