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First bike?

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I'm about to turn 50 years old and I've decided to take my bike test. I had a scooter for 3 years then a Yamaha DT125R for 4 years but got rid as I got fed up with taking my CBT every 2 years ( been driving a car for 37 years). I'm half decided on 690 Duke or the 790 Duke I'm swaying in favour of the 790 as I don't want to outgrow it quickly as I feel I may do with a 690 and at some point my wife will be coming out on the back and thought the 690 would be a bit small. I class myself as a sensible driver/rider but my main concern is will it be too big and powerful for a first 'proper' bike? Any advise and views would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Mmmm personally I'd say 690 myself under them circumstances. The 790 to a newbie could be a little intimidating.

Tricky question though admittedly
I’d say go for the 790 all day long, like weeksy I’ve had both but I recon the 790 is so much better and I loved the 690.
Definitely a 790 over the 690, larger fuel range, more comfortable seat, feet flat on the ground a must for 2up, no vibration through the pegs or bars. And the riding modes. Wet to start out then Street mode, nice smooth power delivery. Then theres sport or for track days theres Race mode. So at least you won't out grow the 790. Ive had both, I've also had a 640 tricked up, the 790 is awesome, perfect bike to move onto.
I bought the 790 as a first bike. Its lightweight, can put both feet on the ground, great visibility in front of you, semi up-right position and due to being a naked susceptible to wind so you naturally keep the speeds down.

Yes it has a lot of power but thankfully it comes with a throttle which you can modulate and hopefully that gooey bit behind you eyes and between your ears have some levels of intelligence and fear that helps you stay alive on the machine and respect it for what it is. A god **** weapon.

The plan for me is to get to know the bike this season and hopefully next year take it to the track and start to learn what it really can do.
I think you will absolutely love the 790, Dave.
Personally, I think if you know how to ride a bike, learning a new bike will come with practice. I have been riding for over 30 years and my first street bike was an R1. You just have to ride to your limits. With that being said, go for the 790. I don't think it will ever get old or you will outgrow it. I think also (although I have never had a 690) the build on the 790 and the electronics package will keep you happy for a long time.
Buy the 790.
If you feel it is a bit too much bike for you initially (engine wise) put it in rain mode and you instantly have a learners bike. You can change that at the press of a button when you feel confident enough. Physical size and weight shouldn't be an issue as they are small and light. You are unlikely to outgrow it unless you get sick of grinning all the time.
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If you're worried about the 790, stick it rain mode. It takes about a day to respond to the throttle input and I think about 60-70% total power, should give you more than enough time/power to get comfortable :grin:
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