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Hi guys,

1. Do you think that engine case covers/sliders are worth it for street riders? Note that I will buy frame sliders anyways (they’re not the same as engine covers/sliders).
2. What I consider as engine 'covers' actually cover the whole engine case (image 1), while what I consider as engine 'sliders' (image 2) cover only the lower part. The covers usually cost much more than the sliders, and I heard that they might protect from oil leaks/dirt in the case of a crash, but will I even need that protection if the engine is protected by the sliders? I’ve seen some water pump covers too, no idea if these are worth it either.

Which do you guys prefer?
*I just found random images of covers/sliders, not necessarily the brands I'd choose or whatever



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I'm waiting for GB Racing to release their version and hopefully it will be soon.
When i spoke to them in Nov, they were doing CBR1000, 790, 690. That was their development process for coming months, so yeah i'd expect to see them sometime fairly soo.

I did find this set the other day
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