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I have some strange electrical probems on my Duke, and I'd like some light on it.
The bike is very new from June and has 2000 km

My motorbike started to not start, making a tactactactac noise.
I tested my battery and seen that it is not keeping the charge, and it goes dow and down when plugged on the bike even with the contact off.
I had an alarm on y bike, and I think it is what discharged my battery, and maybe killed it...
So I decided to buy a Lithium battery, and of course unplugged the alarm.
I bought the SHIDO LTX9-BS

First question: Is this model ok for the 790 duke, or is it to just and should I take a more powerfull one ?

What is the right recommended model (I have seen many on the forum and on other websites...)

Next: Everything went well with this battery, until next wek, I started also to have the tactactac, and motorbike won't start....
I reloaded the battery, and it started too days ago, but now, even with a full charge (more than 13V) it will not start, with this f*** noise tactactac meaning the starter is not launched.
What could it be ? How is it possible that it starts, and one day later it does not start in the exact same conditions ?

I also have the KTM USB phone charger on my bike, and it was plugged on the ACC1, and I think this is participating in discharging the battery...
Next wednesday, I have to bring it to my garage, hopefully it is under warranty, but I am unable to do so due to this battery problem...
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