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I want to replace the stock steering damper with a HyperPro one.
What is the real difference between the CSC and the RSC, and what is recommended for our Duke ?

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Head shakes at the exit of turns and over small bumps. On the track of course
There is a lot of info about this, in the forum. The KTM stabilizers ar notoriously loose. They come with 5 wt. oil. A lot of people had success replacing it with 15-20 wt. I have not on the 790 but did on the 1290 SA, with good results. Same process though.

Here is some more info: Steering Damper Upgrade

Watch the video.

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The guys are right, the bloke who does my suspension said a properly set up bike shouldn鈥檛 really need a damper
In an ideal world maybe, on ideal roads. The 790/890 geometry is different from sport bikes that also use a damper. KTM had to lengthen our swingarms to try and stabilize the bike with the twitchy front end geometry they used (which we love and that's why we're here), and the damper is supposed to cover the rest but doesn't. Our Street Triple doesn't use one and is butter smooth and delicious on decent roads, but get into some bumps/heaves and you wish you had something.

KTM used 2.5W oil and it comes out like water. I've done about half a dozen stabilizers with 15W fork oil and it fixes the issue without making the steering drag. Our bumpy local twisty road was horrible with the stock damper oil, it was night and day going to 15W. You could use 20W, I just didn't have any on hand so I don't know if it makes the steering perceptibly lazy. Off road guys go up to 30W to handle rocks, but that's a different story.
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