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Build quality

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Ok guys and gals. I gave fitted the front rear mudguard extenders and shock tube going on tonight. Rear Pyramid is much bigger than pictures show but still don't know why they don't wrap around the sides more...
Anyway I only have 100 miles on it and it's a wet weekend here in UK so the question is whether the bike is going to rust to bits if it gets wet? What's the build quality and does the front of the engine clean up good again? Thanks
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firstly the engine will clean up but its hard work
I too fitted these extenders front and back
front one significantly reduced engine and rad dirt the rear made a slight improvement to rear spray.
be careful the sticky pads alone on mine failed after a few weeks luckily did not loose the extenders and cleaned up and reattached
Ta. I put some no nails on as well so that will probably call off with it :surprise:
I also have the pyramid plastics mudguard extensions but used the plastic rivets they come with, which meant I had to drill the existing guards. I have experience of the sticky pads failing before so knew they would not last.
I did note some early rust in the centre hole under the bottom yoke and the washers near the ball joint on the quick shifter and rear brake on the dealers demo bike.
I treated my bike with XCP applied with a fine brush to these areas and any vulnerable fasteners first day.
no rust on mine but I tend wash and dry all my bikes carefully in winter months (SALT) and use acf 50 extensively.

but I am not using them as my daily commute if I was I would not worry about appearance and use loads of acf 50 several times a week
Sorry forgot to mention, it was on the dealers demo bike.
ACF 50 washes off, the XCP stuff stays on a lot longer.
Here are some reviews from a professional bike cleaner on tests he did on corrosion protectorants.

yes I agree it does wash off which is why I apply frequently
not heard of XCP will have a look

I can say ACF was the only thing stopping my sons Chinese 50cc from dissolving after the paint started dropping off after 6 months NO PRIMER WAS USED!!
tried to order xcp but can't get it to belgium ffs.. Acf 50 it is...
tried to order xcp but can't get it to belgium ffs.. Acf 50 it is...
a lot of people are selling mail order in UK but I am sure postage cost will be a lot higher
Expensive stuff. Being from Yorkshire (a Scotsman stripped of his generosity) I'll only put a little on....:plain:
It maybe worth waiting for Black Friday weekend when you may get a decent discount ? (November 23rd)
I have seen it on eBay at slightly cheaper prices, and it does last a lot longer than ACF 50.
I have noticed that the welding of the stock exhaust is getting rusty.
It's just me or it's common?
I`m glad that our bikes dont rust. Unless those bikes that are left outside in the rain or kept out the whole winter. Other downside is that our riding time is only 5-6 months in Finland if you dont like freezing your nuts off...and like driving in snow :grin:
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