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Hi all

I wanted to give everyone in the forum a heads up that Helite will be attending MOA this year in Lebanon, TN. That's happening in roughly two weeks from now. Not only will we be doing deployments and offering killer deals on all of our airbag vests and jackets, but we're offering pre-order deals. That means when you reach out to us directly, right now, before the event we can hook you up with a show-level discount.

Then, with you order in, you can swing by our booth at the MOA and pick your order up directly from us. Show-level prices are at a pretty hefty discount so contact us today if you're interested - [email protected] - and we can get you ready for pick-up in Tennessee.

Also, if you're on instagram or facebook or twitter, we will be giving away Helite t-shirts at the event.

To get your free Helite t-shirt just follow us on instagram/twitter or facebook, take a photo of our new booth, and post it to your social media with the hashtag #helitemoto. Show us at the event and you'll get a free Helite shirt!

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions - [email protected]

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