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Proud owner of a black 790 duke here.

However i feel as if the bike lack something between the engine and and the front wheel.

Not a big fan of any of the current bellypan/engine spoiler options out there at the moment.

Powerparts one, looks too much like an afterthought to me.

Powerbronze, this is the only picture i can find of it fitted on a bike and from this picture it just looks too bulbous. Would like to se it from other angles/in other lighting.

Motech, In my opinion does not fit in with engine or bodywork, looks out of place in my opinion.

PUIG, this is the one i'm most interested in currently but kinda difficult to tell how it's gonna look without seeing the rest of the bike.

I mean, the Duke 390, 690, SD 990, SD 1290 All had killer looking bellypan options, both from the powerparts catalogue and from 3rd parties so dont think im out of line here. Gonna have to take into account that it's still a pretty fresh bike though and im guessing more is yet to come.

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Powerbronze looks similar to the belly pan I had on the striple, essentially just a dirt and grime collector, did keep some of it off the engine though.

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I think it looks right just the way nature intended; naked! 馃槑
I agree none of those pictures made me want one.
it's a naked bike

what i would say is the the front wheel chucks an awful lot of dirt up the engine and into the radiator to be nicely baked on.

A mudguard extender does reduce this a lot

its all i fitted

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Just picked up our 790. Going to be used for road racing. Per the rules book, need to come up with a solution for a full belly pan able to contain the oil in case of a complete meltdown. I seen offerings for a 690 full belly pan. Anybody working something similar for the 790's? Thx!
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