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Anyone using 'KTM MY RIDE' system with 790 Duke?

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I ham sure I did see the KTM MY RIDE electronics add on in the Power Parts section for the 790 a couple of weeks ago but now it is gone?

I am interested to know if anyone has one, and in particular if the on screen navigation function is present for the 790 Duke?

Thanks in advance for any info.

I did find a video of an install, interestingly owner could not get it to work:

KTM Twins does have unit on its site: https://ktmtwins.com/products/ktm-m...x6Q0B9zDryGMap3JxZQRNGJwFNaXF_uBoCWKkQAvD_BwE
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I have it.

There is no navigation.

You can see the name of the caller and answer from the handlebar switch gear.

You can see the name of the song playing and pause, play, adjust volume and skip through tracks.

Thats about it.

I honestly regret wasting my money on it.
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Money saved

DukeAus thx for the feedback and info. That is a bit of a shame no nav on screen.

I will look into some mounting options for my phone as a 'second screen' and use this instead (like most do I guess).

Omg, the video was something else... Patience my padawan:plain:
Im pretty sure it has to be activated in the dealership.
The My Ride does indeed need to be activated by your dealer but there is no mapping or GPS of any kind.
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