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I recently performed my first tire swap on my new-to-me Duke, and getting the axles out and in was unreasonably difficult. I'm no stranger to swapping wheels/tires - I've been racing and tracking an SV650 for nearly a decade, and probably have 1,000 swaps under my belt. What's the trick on the Duke?

On the front: all four pinch bolts loosened, ABS sensor removed, one or both brake calipers removed. Pressing on the rider's left screw to push the axle out, and greased the axle prior to reinstallation...
On the rear: ABS sensor removed, axle nut removed, chain adjuster removed. Greased the axle prior to reinstallation...

On both ends, I required significant rubber mallet use to get the axle in; and the rear could barely get realigned.
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