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Errrrrrr ello. First thing after buying a new bike, is join a forum so I can find out tech bits and bobs!
Anyway , I have a orange duke 790, just had it's first service yesterday, and a cost of £200, of which I thought was a bit steep?????
As for powerparts, good luck getting anything from ktm, most things that i ordered when I bought the bike 8 weeks ago, still haven't turned up! Got ktm my ride unit, bar end mirrors and werx graphics going on, as soon as they turn up.
Made a tail tidy from stainless steel as per the r+g unit, but at a fraction of the price. Power parts ergo seat is on and is a must, standard one is like wood.....
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Hi there. Regarding the Power parts, what's the hold up?

Have KTM suppliers not got up to speed?

Looks like Imight have a long wait too.
First service cost does seem high, mine was £147 inc VAT [JD Racing]. Has anyone had any oil leaks yet? Mine has had one from around the final drive sprocket and one from high up on the front of the engine, miraculously they have both healed up for the time being. You're right about the seat, I got the low option and it is more friendly but not effectively lower as it seems to be a bit wider. I've got a lowering kit on order. KTM do seem slow off the mark with accessories, maybe they've been concentrating on getting the Adventure model out, officially announced today.
I've got my 1000km service booked in for next week and good timing since I just noticed an oil leak from my oil filter. I also fitted a KTM My Ride unit to the bike, but discovered it doesn't work until it's activated by a service centre using the KTM Diagnostics Tool.

My Ride unit also did not come with fitting instructions, so I had to contact my dealer who emailed them to me. I thought it would connect in under the pillion seat, but I had to remove the tank shroud, then remove the coolant reservoir and another panel behind that to be able to cut a cable tie to release the connector plug.

I too had issues getting PowerParts, so I ended up importing them to Australia from a KTM dealer in Germany at www.ktm-versand.de who had everything I wanted in stock.

- Bar End Mirrors
- Pillion Seat Cover
- Ergo Seat
- Graphics Kit
- Akrapovic Slip On

I then picked up a Tail Tidy from R&G Racing.
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Bike looks sick duke790

Most of my parts have arrived and will be fitted on first service I hope.
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