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So, I keep going back and forth between stock, WIngs slip-on, Arka slip-on or full, etc.

I have not seen any good info that I can draw from to make an opinion on the Akra full system so I may be willing to champion the cause. I guess I don't mind spending the money one time if it is the right way to go for me.

However, I want it to do the following-
-Keep the dB killer in (even on a racetrack there are noise standards)
-enjoy the benefits of better sound, lighter weight, and a map (from KTM) that will keep me from getting a "check engine" light
-more power, but I don't want it at the expense of lower speed fueling

From the RokBagoros video I got the impression that the system is VERY loud without the dB killer. Also in their video I don't know if the only did dynos before and after or were able to do any fueling adjustments, or did they just put in the map and go.

I have seen somewhere else that the system REALLY is only meant for the track as it makes the bike even jerkier at low throttle settings.

Anyway, any and all thoughts and experience is appreciated.
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