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790 Recovered - Wait time on Parts?

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Was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or insight on delivery time for oem parts. My bike was stolen and recovered but the thief tried to start it with a hammer....:mad:

I know this is situational but I've never had to go through a situation like this before. I'll need the metal gas tank, ignition and key related parts, forks, radiator, exhaust shield, tree clamp, and frame scratches among other things. Some of the damage is extremely minor/cosmetic but it is my understanding the my insurance will charge the person with every penny I report. Working with the dealer and insurance right now. So far the estimate is at $6,700.00 for parts and labor.

I don't know when I'll get the bike back.


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I wouldn't take it back at that value. That's about 70% of value, in the UK they won't repair that, but would replace instead.
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As weeksy says I’d be surprised if they think that’s an economic repair.
awe man, I'm really sorry hombre, that's sickening. Moto thieves should be castrated. I hope you get a fresh bike instead.
That is sickening! Sorry man! I had my fist bike stolen and it's a terrible feeling. They never found it so insurance paid more than I paid for it, which is probably for the better cause my next bike was much nicer. I hope they replace as well....find everything wrong!!! That really sucks!!

I'd imagine the dealer would be able to get parts rather quick, but no clue. It does seem like a complete waste to try to rebuild it all. You're out in Cali right?
I'm in Kentucky.

Total estimate including labor came out to $7,200.00. The detective said the guy who stole it will get a minimum 5 years, so that is something, but he doesn't have anything of worth for restitution. I believe that is why my insurance is taking so long to accept the estimate. They may be verifying the estimate with another shop. I can't blame them for checking, but at the same time, I want my bike returned to NEW condition.

But this means I'm without a bike for the first time in 10 years. Its already been 3 weeks and repairs haven't even started...
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