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Black or orange?

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Updated from the 390 to a 790. I had a GSXR600R as my first road bike, I wasn't a squid I just didn't know better and someone recommended I buy it because it was cheap. I had some experience on a vintage naked and it didn't even factor in that bikes could have turning circles like semis. It was super unweildy to ride, I dropped it a couple of times, spent far too much to repair it, promptly sold it to someone far more more interested in track riding than me and I got a 390.
The 390 is an amazing bike. It suited my 99% commuting 1% track riding lifestyle much better and my only gripe was that I didn't like revving it so hard to stay at highway speeds, I thought that would limit the life of the bike. A year on that and I swapped it and some change for this 790 that was 2 years older (2019 vs 2021) but had the same number of kms! It came with a good number of staple mods and a rok bagaoros sticker kit so while I can't currently wheelie, I can at least pretend I can when it's parked outside a Melbourne cafe.

I've been riding it non stop through this wet Australian winter for weeks. There's just this feeling of exhilaration riding a bike that is light enough that you can lean it over and pick it back up when walking it around obstacles in a shed, yet have a torquey low end, great gearing and have very forgiving handling on the street. Also being a nerd I love the fully decked out electronics package.

This is my bike don't mind the 2 sets of mirrors I was trying to pass my roadie. I'm trying to decide on which wheels I want, I'm leaning orange. What do you guys think?
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Look at this, it's one of my favourite bikes on the forum, i don't remember who's bike it is I just took their photo for reference. The bike is pure sex. Those wheel stickers combined with the orange especially.
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I also like this needlessly dramatic photo of what is probably the 890 with an orange triple clamp (custom?). A black bike makes the bits of orange pop.
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I got this bad boy off ebay looking for stickers after seeing the above bike. It looks decent with those stickers. It's missing stickers in the sub frame and that big banana of an over compensating exhaust needs to go but the wheels look cool, i can use this.
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Between these two bikes I think the top one looks better. So I'll probably have to powder coat. Maybe wrap the tank too. I did an extremely poor job at overlaying the photos and came up with this concept picture.
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And you will never guess where i got the idea for this from:
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Automotive lighting
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