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  1. KTM 790-890 Duke Issues And Problems
    One of my stock rear turn signals is dangling and I cannot figure out how to pop it back into place. I have watched the video from the post below but my signal is dandling from somewhere different. https://www.790dukeforum.com/threads/dangling-rear-turn-signals.4295/#post-48545 Thank you...
  2. 790-890 Duke Suspension And Brakes
    I just did the 890R bar swap on my 790 duke for the more aggressive riding position and track focus. I also like the different position for myself because of the flatter angle. It gives my shoulders a more relaxed and comfortable position. However, I am getting interference with the brake lever...
  3. 790-890 Duke Aftermarket Parts And Accessories
    Here is the result of a Mivv slip on and Barracuda tail tidy. I am going to install the Evotech tail tidy later today. Nothing comes close to Evotech in quality, design and finish. de
1-3 of 3 Results