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  1. 790-890 Duke Parts For Sale
    I’ve got some frame sliders with all mounting hardware. They fit great but I ended up purchasing the Evo Tech sliders. $40 shipped takes them.
  2. 2020+ KTM 890 Duke R
    I ordered an Arrow Race Pro slip on 5 weeks ago from the only SC Project importer in America. I’m having issue even getting an estimate on when I’ll get it or even a ballpark of shipping date. Anyone know a supplier that’s actually getting parts?
  3. 2020+ KTM 890 Duke R
    Hey guys, so I am looking at a trade in of my 790 for an 890r. The dealer won’t let me swap parts there so I suggested just buying the bike and swapping the parts, then bringing the 790 in for cash. My question: power plate/ m4 slip on/ air filter/ steering damper are these parts interchangeable?
  4. 790-890 Duke 'How-to'
    Hello, Title explains the question but for some background I bought the woodcraft frame sliders for 2019 790 Duke. Part of the process is draining the coolant so I thought it would be a good time to switch to engine ice for track day use as well :) Unfortunately, I cannot find the...
1-4 of 5 Results