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  1. What Did You Do To Your KTM 790-890 Duke Today?
    Hey everyone, I’ve finally installed the slip on I purchased here and have reviewed it extensively in my latest video. It seems like a popular choice among the crowd and I completely understand why now!
  2. 2018+ KTM 790-890 Duke Reviews
    Hey everyone, I’ve just captured my latest impression of the 890 Duke R in my most recent video. Additionally, I’ve shouted out several members from the forum that have really come through for me, you guys rock! Having crossed the 5000 mile mark I think mods are long past due, especially the...
  3. 790-890 Duke Aftermarket Parts And Accessories
    Hey Everyone, I’m about to take the red pill here and go all in on mods over the winter. I have a YT that I’ll continuously update with my impression of everything I’m doing and the build called Alejandro_EngineeredLifestyle. I’ve already put out a couple videos and if you’ve watched them thank...
  4. What Did You Do To Your KTM 790-890 Duke Today?
    I just wrapped the side panels with 5d carbon fiber vinyl (glossy) I think it looks like real carbon fiber... The cost was only $15 and it's a great visual improvement If you want to buy the original carbon fiber side panels it's $130.. so if you don't want to spend that this is a good...
1-4 of 4 Results