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  1. New Members Introduction
    i've replaced the valve cover gasket on my 2020 790 twice now, and it's still leaking. coming from the front left of the cover if sitting on the bike. right behind the hose. i tried blue general permatex rtv the first time. did black oil resistant permatex this second time and really made sure...
  2. KTM 790-890 Duke Issues And Problems
    Officially part of the problem club. Valve cover gasket weeping: Water pump seeping: Counter shaft seal leak: A few months after warranty expiration and only 3400mi on the odo, looks like I have some work ahead of me. 😓 Great timing!
  3. KTM 790-890 Duke Issues And Problems
    Hi Everyone: 2020 790. It's been sitting for a month. Went to turn it on today and the engine screamed at me - revving on its own, idled and revved high again about 5x before i noticed smoke from the front and the bike shut itself off. Turned it back on, ran fine. Let it run to temp and...
1-3 of 3 Results