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  1. 2020+ KTM 890 Duke R
    Does anyone actually know if the eBay titan headers for 790/890 duke fits in the 890? Heard so manny different opinions on this, but all is hearsay. I want to know if someone have measured inner dimensions, or if someone have mounted the titan header from eBay/aliexpress that supposedly work on...
  2. What Did You Do To Your KTM 790-890 Duke Today?
    Painted the exhaust black to match the slip on. It's painted with high temp paint. I painted a few coats, oven cured, painted a few more coats and am idling the bike. I'm hoping the sheer number of coats will help but it's still very susceptible to marks. I'm unsure of how well it will fare...
  3. What Did You Do To Your KTM 790-890 Duke Today?
    Hey all! Being an all season rider I have to endure some rain and road salt. Having owned my 790 for 2 years now it had developed some surface rust which became a real eyesore. So I decided to try and deal with it today Would love to hear any tips and tricks to get my headers back to looking...
1-3 of 3 Results